Difficult Women, and Elastic Man, win Geoff Stevens Memorial Prize

Poetry Society Member Nicola Jackson and The Poetry Society’s very own Paul McGrane are joint-winners of this year’s Geoff Stevens Memorial Prize, judged anonymously by Ronnie Goodyer and Dawn Bauling of Indigo Dreams Publishing from over 200 entries. As a result, Nicola and Paul will have full collections published in summer 2018.

Poetry Society Members feature strongly throughout with Chrissy Banks, Michael Brown and Jill Munro on the Highly Commended list, and Commendations for Pat Edwards, Carl Griffin, Maeve Henry, Alison Jones, Penny Shutt, and K V Skene.  

Ronnie and Dawn: 

“Congratulations to Nicola and Paul and huge thanks to all who made this competition so successful. Judged anonymously, the competition received a remarkable number of outstanding entries. We applaud everyone for their endeavours and thank you for making the final decisions extremely difficult and for helping to keep Geoff Stevens name alive.

We read with a view to finding something that Geoff would have loved to read, to have written or to have supported, conscious always of that warm Black Country drawl and good humour in the background. Just by taking part you are keeping his sort of poetry and encouragement alive.”

The Results


Difficult Women – Nicola Jackson
Elastic Man – Paul McGrane

Highly Commended

Speaking Constellations – Ruth Aylett
Homecoming – Oak Ayling
Addicted To Blue – Chrissy Banks
Boi – Nicola Bray
The Tender – Michael Brown
A Worm Of Robins – Jill Munro


On The Way Home – Heather Deckner
Adverse Chambers – Pat Edwards
Arresting Breaks – Carl Griffin
Blood Lines – Maeve Henry
Green Fire In The Far Woods – Alison Jones
Clay Heart Brimming – Carol McKay
Euthanise The Creature – Dean Rhetoric
White Coat Syndrome – Penny Shutt
The Way To Stay Beautiful – K V Skene
Are We There Yet? – Mary Anne Smith
The Driftwood Horses – Isobel Thrilling

Geoff Stevens was born at West Bromwich 4th June 1942. He worked as an industrial chemist until 1995. In 1976 he launched his own poetry magazine, Purple Patch,  a successful and long-running magazine, called ‘a national treasure’ by The Guardian, which closed with his death in February 2012. Geoff was also a successful poet in his own right being published in many magazines both in UK and overseas, including Indigo.

Indigo Dreams Publishing were winners of a Saboteur Award in 2017 for Most Innovative Publisher, and Ronnie and Dawn were awarded a Ted Slade Award for Services to Poetry.

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7 March 2017