Alasdair Paterson wins Candlestick ‘Getting Older’ Competition

Alasdair Paterson

CONGRATULATIONS to Poetry Society Member Alasdair Paterson who will be published alongside Elvire Roberts and Mark Granier for winning the Candlestick Press ‘Getting Older’ poetry competition from 900 entries judged by Costa-shortlisted poet John McCullough. All three poets each receive a cash prize and their poems will appear in Ten Poems about Getting Older to be published later this year.

Among the five Commended poets, who each receive a set of Candlestick titles of their choice, are Poetry Society Members Jacquie Shanahan and Tina Cole. Plenty of Members on the shortlist too, including Anya Trofimova, Christine Macfarlane, Consuelo Marshall, D A Prince, Deborah Harvey, Gita Ralleigh, Jeffa Kay, Jo Field, Olga Dermott-Bond, S K Grout, Stephen Keeler, Vanessa Lampert and Vic Pickup

John McCullough says:

“Judging this competition was a great pleasure, though it was certainly a challenge owing to the number of brilliant poems. The three very different winning pieces between them show acute insight and astonishing imagery. They stun and uplift. Each of the writers behind them and the five commended poems has a fierce eye and finds a startlingly fresh perspective on ageing.”

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5 June 2020