Here Comes the Sun

Photo of Stonehenge at sunrise

Inspired by Stonehenge’s plan to live-stream the Summer Solstice, The Poetry Society is gathering together a selection of sunshiny (and sunburnt) poems to accompany the northern hemisphere’s longest day.

Check #poetrysolstice on The Poetry Society’s Twitter account on Sunday 21 June for some sun-themed poetry, and if you or young writers you know are inspired to write a solstice poem meanwhile, there are some excellent Summer Solstice writing prompts from Poetry Society Education Officer Natasha Ryan on the Young Poets Network.

Tweet photographer credits (in order): unnamed, unnamed, Federico Respini, Marco Secchi, Josh Rose, Maurits Bausenhart, Casey Horner, Madison Nickel, Mihaly Koles, Reuben Teo, Anastasiya Romanova, Chitto Cancio, Dawid Zawlia, Simon Berger, Sergey Pesterev, Stefan Grage, Imaad Whd

19 June 2020