Jill Munro wins Ó Bhéal Five Words Challenge

Jill Munro
Jill Munro

Hearty congratulations go to Poetry Society Member Jill Munro, who has won this year’s 500 euro Ó Bhéal Five Words International Poetry Competition, for her beautifully crafted poem, ‘Ptarmigan’. Jill will be invited to read at the 11th anniversary event on 16 April 2018, along with other contributors to Five Words Vol XI. There were commendations, too, for Poetry Society Members Mary-Jane Holmes and Kirsten Irving.


Ptarmigan by Jill Munro (England) winner
Among Starlings by Margaret McCarthy (Ireland) highly commended
A Dream of my Dead Grandmother
in the Modern Art Museum by Derek Sellen (England) highly commended
Disciplining the Modern Satyr by Mary-Jane Holmes (England)
Nothing To See by Giles Constable (England)
How We Are by Ted O’Regan (Ireland)
Writing for the Ó Bhéal
Open-Mic by Jim Crickard (Ireland)
Amber by Ted O’Regan (Ireland)
Reindeer Moss by Tamara Miles (U.S.A.)
Every Sunday Ever by Kirsten Irving (England)
Centenary by Ted O’Regan (Ireland)
My Mother’s Birthplace by Tamara Miles (U.S.A.)

Judges: Kathy D’Arcy and Rab Urquhart

The 6th Five Words International Competition will commence at noon on Tuesday 17 April, 2018.

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6 April 2018