Leo Boix wins Keats-Shelley Prize

Congratulations to Poetry Society Members Leo Boix and Sarah Doyle, first and second in this year’s Keats-Shelley Prize for poetry, with Tammy Armstrong and Sarah Stewart also sharing second place.

The theme this year was ‘Wandering’ or ‘Fiery Dust’ – to mark the publication in 1819 of the first two cantos of Lord Byron’s controversial poem Don Juan.

The Poetry Judges were Professor Deryn Rees-Jones of Liverpool University and Will Kemp, a former winner of the Keats-Shelley Poetry Prize. The Essays were judged by Professors Sharon Ruston and Simon Bainbridge, both of Lancaster University.

Chair of Judges, Michael Rosen, announced the winners on 29 April. Total Prizes worth £5000.

Poetry Shortlist

Leonardo Boix, Unholy Family

Tammy Armstrong, Kannazuki 神無月—The Month the Gods Go Away

Sarah Doyle, Laika

Sarah Stewart, Mijas Pueblo

Essay Shortlist

Joseph Begley, ‘The Mind is its Own Place: Torquato Tasso and Romantic Heroism’

Cora MacGregor, ‘“Physician to all men”: Keats and the poet’s claim to truth’

Kristin Nelson, ‘Milton’s Noseprints: Momentum in Keats’s ‘Doggrel’’

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15 April 2019