Society Members on Live Canon shortlist, won by Jon Stone

Live Canon anthology 2018

Jon Stone has won the £1000 2018 Live Canon International Poetry Competition for his poem ‘The Lookout’ – congratulations to Jon! This year’s judge was Liz Berry and all 50 poems on the short- and long- lists will appear in the 2018 anthology.

Poetry Society Members on the shortlist include Emma Simon (for two poems), Geraldine Clarkson, Heidi Williamson, Jane Burn, Kathryn Southworth, Sarah Barnsley, and Tim O’Leary.

Poetry Society Members on the longlist include Andrew George, Anthony Mair, Carolyn King, Claire Dyer, Deborah Harvey, Fiona Larkin, Geraldine Clarkson (again), Ginny Saunders, Isabel Rogers, James McKee, Josephine Corcoran, Natalie Scott, Pamela Johnson, Sue Norton, Yvonne Green, Lizzie Holden, and Joan Stansbury.

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24 September 2018