Lawrence Illsley wins Live Canon Collection Competition

Lawrence Illsley

Poetry Society Member Lawrence Illsley has been chosen by Glyn Maxwell as one of three winners of the 2020 Live Canon Collection Competition and will be offered publication.

Lawrence’s collection A Brief History of Trees was described as:

“brilliantly arboreal in both form and matter, a psychologically acute odyssey through grief and history, with its stanzaic spine sometimes holding firm as a trunk, sometimes scattered and blown into leaves and flowers. Highly original, enticing and profound.”

The shortlist includes Poetry Society Members Maeve Henry, Tony Hendry, Mark Fiddes, and Stuart Pickford.

For fourteen years Live Canon have been publishing, performing, promoting, celebrating and sharing poetry. They publish anthologies, debuts and collections. Their ensemble perform poetry at theatres, festivals and events, and record poetry for radio, digital projects and interdisciplinary collaborations. They work with other art forms to create installations, interventions and experiences. They work with young people to create, explore and enjoy poetry. Their courses run in person and online and engage with established and emerging poets globally.

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31 July 2020