Mab Jones wins Aurora Poetry Competition

Mab Jones
Mab Jones

Poetry Society Member Mab Jones (Pontypridd) is the winner of the second Aurora Poetry Competition with her poem ‘Valli Takes a Bath’. Fellow Member Peter Wallis (Norwich), commended in the 2016 National Poetry Competition, was second with ‘Croissant’, and Members Kerry Darbishire (Cumbria), and Charlotte Baldwin (London) were Highly Commended. 

I step through a hatch of shadow and we’re
nose to trunk, my white eye drawn up to that one
which is liquid as amber, brown as a coconut,
tufted lashes thick as the brush the monk uses
to soap the creature clean.

From ‘Valli Takes a Bath’

In selecting the winning poems, judge Penelope Shuttle said they felt like poems that “needed to be written” and quoted D H Lawrence, “If writing isn’t fun, don’t do it”.

You can read all the winning and commended poems and stories in a free online anthology, Cut the Clouds.

The Aurora Poetry and Short Fiction Open Competition 2017 Prize Awards took place at Bromley House Library in Nottingham, on Wednesday 21 June.

The winning poems and short stories selected by judges Penelope Shuttle are:

1st Prize: Valli Takes a Bath by Mab Jones

2nd Prize: Croissant by Peter Wallis

3rd Prize: Grains by A.F. Paterson

Stonewood Press Prize for Regional Writing: Fallopian Tubes on a Scan by Caroline Stancer

Highly Commended   

Sphagnum Moss by Kerry Darbishire

A Place Called Solomon by Liz Lefroy

Ravens at the Tower by Jan Norton

The drum and the settlement by Caroline Gilfillan


Forecaster by Caroline Price

One of a Kind by Panya Banjoko

Bubble casting in the Kingdom of the Bears by Charlotte Baldwin

Something Like Dawn by Roberta Dewa

The Songbird by Maria Taylor

Mote by Mr Peacock

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30 June 2017