Mary Ruefle podcast: swimming, paper clips and poetry phenomena

A black and white portait photograph of the US poet Mary Ruefle, who looks directly into the camera with a quizzical smile.
Mary Ruefle. Photo: Matt Valentine

The celebrated American poet Mary Ruefle is the subject of the latest edition in The Poetry Review podcast series.

In their funny and thought-provoking conversation by telephone, Mary Ruefle and Review editor Emily Berry discuss starting poems and first lines; working to commission and no longer facing the blank page; writing letters, writing prose, humour and sadness and not being afraid of the latter; pins, paper clips, swimming and getting comfortable with what we don’t know… Poetry is to be experienced as a phenomenon on earth, Ruefle says, “[it] is not be understood… it’s a little scary but it’s a matter of letting go”. She gives wonderful readings of her poems in the Review summer 2021 issue: ‘Lament’, ‘Conflict’, ‘My Life as a Scholar’ and ‘Empathy of Cod’.

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Listen to the podcast with Emily Berry talking to Mary Ruefle

9 September 2021