Mother’s Milk Poetry Prize results: Sarah Watkinson

Sarah Watkinson

Congratulations to Poetry Society Member Sarah Watkinson, second in the 2019 Mother’s Milk Books Poetry Prize, judged by Ruth Aylett and Beth McDonough, for her poem ‘Maternity Leave in the Age of Giorgione’. Fellow Poetry Society Member Erin Coppin was Commended for ‘Plum’.

Sarah has just published a pamphlet with Romola Parish, The Woods of Hazel, which came out of her 2019-2020 Residency at Wytham Woods, Oxford University’s ‘laboratory with leaves’. 

Ruth and Beth:

‘Maternity Leave in the Age of Giorgione’ flitted beautifully between the viewed and the viewer, and the strange grasped moment of these times with an infant in sometimes seemingly judgemental interiors. A lovely balance of painted detail, well-considered on the page, and with a pleasing wrap in the final tercet.

‘Plum’, with its perfect metaphor, and great opening line is a joy.

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3 June 2020