Natalya Anderson wins Moth Poetry Prize

A fantastic result for Poetry Society Member Natalya Anderson last night, awarded the €10,000 Moth Poetry Prize for her poem ‘A Gun in the House’ by the judge Daljit Nagra. ‘A succession of sensually unsettling images drive this nervous, ironic poem forward,’ Nagra said. ‘The girl “cocks her head like a confused coyote”, “Her throat/ burns like gunpowder.” It seems that the person charged with saving her may have been the source of her undoing.’

There was an all-female shortlist for this year’s Moth Poetry Prize, one of the most sought after in the world for a single unpublished poem, with €10,000 awarded to the overall winner and three runner-up prizes of €1,000 by the publishers of The Moth, an international art and literature magazine based in Ireland.

The shortlist also included fellow Poetry Society Member Cheryl Moskowitz for her poem ‘Shirtless’, plus ‘Fortune Reshuffled, Reshuffled’ by Audrey Molloy, and ‘In what way are forests black or white. We saw them blue. With forget me nots.’ by Teresa Ott. They all feature in the current issue of The Moth.

Canadian Poet Natalya Anderson Wins Prestigious €10,000 Moth Poetry Prize

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