Newcastle Poetry Competition results: Natalie Crick & Pippa Little

CONGRATULATIONS to Poetry Society Members Natalie Crick and Pippa Little who are second and third in this year’s Newcastle Poetry Competition Adult Poetry Prize, judged by Colette Bryce. The winner is Damien O’Brien.

Hurray! to fellow Society Member Vanessa Lampert (Highly Commended) and to Foyle Top 15 winner 2018 Georgie Woodhead, a winner in the Young People’s Poetry Prize, judged by Vidyan Ravinthiran.

The competition is organised by Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts (NCLA), a world-class centre of excellence in the field of creative writing, which contributes to the cultural life of the North East via readings, projects, teaching and research.

Full results:

First Prize: Damen O’Brien, ‘The Handshake’

Second Prize: Natalie Crick, ‘Girlfriend-Watch’

Third Prize: Pippa Little, ‘Spell for a Stonemason’

Highly Commended:

Emily Cooper, ‘Garlicking’
Vanessa Lampert, ‘Student’
Charles Lang, ‘The Chase’
M.R. Peacocke, ‘Flies’
Claudine Toutoungi, ‘The marmots are suffocating’

The winners of the 2020 Young People’s Poetry Prize, judged by Vidyan Ravinthiran are:

Freya Buckley, ‘Windows’
Maria Cunha, ‘Comfort’
Maisie Goodfellow, ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’
Antonia Johnson, ‘Grandad’s House’
Antonia Johnson, ‘Once’
Philippa Musgrave-Asher, ‘Constellation’
Amy Nugent, ‘Treading Water’
Alice Parsons, ‘Cutlery’
Milly Sage, ‘Patti Smith’
Hope Simpson, ‘You Taught Me’
Nikolina Rokic, ‘Beautiful with a Question Mark’
Georgie Woodhead, ‘Baba’s Burgers’

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3 June 2020