On survival and extinction: latest members’ poems winners

Karen Jane Cannon, Jennie Carr, Pamela Crowe, Hilaire, Christine Marshall and Rose Proudfoot are the winners of the hugely popular Poetry News members’ poems competition on the theme of ‘Survival & Extinction’.

“It was an uncanny experience reading these poems,” wrote judge Sujata Bhatt, “as politicians, scientists and activists from all over the world gathered in Glasgow for the COP26 climate summit.”

Each of the poems by Pamela Crowe, Hilaire and Christine Marshall is shaped by questions, generating a powerful sense of unease and urgency. Jennie Carr’s poems gives a “forthright, confident voice” to a ‘Cornish Hedge’. Rose Proudfoot’s ‘Nan’is beautifully and poignantly woven together. Karen Jane Cannons’ ‘I, Bee’ ventures into a technological realm where digital bees are waterproof and “pesticide friendly”.

All the six winning poems can be read in the new issue of The Poetry Society newspaper, Poetry News, as well as on the Member Competitions page. Also online now are details of our spring 2022 competition on the theme of ‘Solastalgia’, to be judged by Sheri Benning.

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15th December 2021