New filmpoem released of Yvonne Reddick’s “elemental dream-story” ‘Muirburn’

Ahead of the imminent launch of the 2019 National Poetry Competition, The Poetry Society is delighted to present a new filmpoem by Helmie Stil, based on Yvonne Reddick‘s 2017 National Poetry Competition commended poem ‘Muirburn’, commissioned by The Poetry Society. One of the judges of that year’s competition, Pascale Petit, said of the poem: “‘Muirburn’ tells an elemental dream-story of the scattering of a father’s ashes with linguistic deftness. From the title onwards, the words have a venerated feel, as if collected like precious stones.” You can read the original poem here.

Yvonne Reddick also won the inaugural Peggy Poole Award, and the film ‘Muirburn’ was premiered at the Peggy Poole Award readings at Bluecoat, Liverpool on 13 March 2019.

Helmie Stil has previously created the award-winning National Poetry Competition filmpoems ‘The Opened Field’, based on the poem by Dom Bury which won the 2017 National Poetry Competition and ‘The Desktop Metaphor’, written by Caleb Parkin which won second prize in the 2016 competition.

You can find out more about Helmie and her work at and on Twitter at @poetrycinema

8th May 2019