Poems grow on trees: Foyle Young Poets 2020

illustration of tree with poetic images as fruit
To celebrate the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2020 in readiness for this year’s awards cermony, The Poetry Society has commissioned artist Imogen Foxell to create an illustration that brings together motifs for all one hundred winning poems from this year’s competition, from banana to boot, peacock to pack of cards.
The result is a beautiful Foyle tree, its branches laden with images from the winning poems. This design has been made into a limited edition print, which has been sent to all one hundred winning poets as part of their prize package.
The image has also been reproduced on a large scale across the window of The Poetry Society’s Poetry Café at 22 Betterton St in Covent Garden for those in the area to enjoy.  
The Poetry Society will announce the winners of the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2020 tomorrow afternoon, and reveal the voices that have inspired the motifs in the illustration.  Follow the latest news on The Poetry Society and via The Poetry Society’s Twitter and Instagram #FoyleYoungPoets
14 October 2020