Bristol Poetry Prize: Poetry Society Members 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Liz Berry has announced her choice of winner, two runners up and seven highly commended poems in the Bristol Poetry Prize – and the top three are all Poetry Society Members.

First is ‘Foal’ by Lois P. Jones (South Pasadena,USA), who has been longlisted in The Poetry Society’s National Poetry Competition in the last two years. Liz: From the moment I read this dark, extraordinary poem it haunted me. It’s mysterious, unsettling, blends the mythic with the real and is just so beautifully written. It’s full of emotional charge and is taut with intensity and violence.
And that ending, oh my goodness that ending!

Second is ‘The Wedding Guest’ by Kathleen Jones (Appleby, Cumbria), who had a Special mention in the Magma Judge’s Prize, judged by Daljit Nagra in 2015. Liz: Another poem I loved from first reading. The poet conjures a wonderful lucid voice here and uses it to tell a beguiling story of a century of change, of rise and fall. Fantastic stuff.

Third is ‘My Sister and the Wolves’ by Kim Moore (Barrow-in-Furness), who was Shortlisted for Best Single Poem category in the 2015 Forward Prize – a poem originally published in the summer 2014 issue of Poetry News. Liz: I found myself returning again and again to this poem and it’s delightfully odd, dark story which is very cleverly developed and sustained. It gets better and better as it goes on, until we reach that fantastic, wild final image. Bravo!

Poetry Society Member Diane Mulholland (London) appears among the Highly Commended Poets for her poem ‘Spring and the Pig Mother’. Diane was Longlisted for the Winchester Poetry Prize last year. Liz: Oh I loved this wild, strange folkloric poem and wished I had written it, especially those wonderful final lines.

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26 April 2017