Rosie Jackson wins Poetry Space competition

Rosie Jackson

Congratulations to Poetry Society Member Rosie Jackson, winner of the Poetry Space Competition 2019 for her poem ‘Where bluebells are thickest’, as chosen by Caroline Price – violinist, teacher and prize-winning poet. Rosie wins £500.

In second place, for ‘Keeping Busy’ is Poetry Society Member Jenna Plewes, with fellow member Lizzie Ballagher Highly Commended. Among the Commended poets were fellow Society Members Eleni Cay, Ian Royce Chamberlain, Deborah Harvey, Sue Davies, Scott Elder, Claudia Court, Julia McGuinness, and Robin Muers

Caroline said of Rosie’s winning poem:

“I love the easy, unforced opening of this poem: we’re taken straight into the heart of the experience; it is immediately physical and real. We read the ‘I’ of the poem as ourselves right from the start: it is we who are lying among bluebells, looking up through catkins at the sky above. Each thought follows on naturally from the last, and is pin-pointed by an interesting image or metaphor. The writing is succinct; short sentences move the poem on, with only the important things being said. The balance of concrete physical details and philosophical musings feels absolutely right. The vision of the huge horse blocking the traffic, and its young rider, is memorable. And the way in which the writer reacts is unexpected and original: their wish – which could so easily be our wish – is stated simply and without fuss and is all the more poignant for it. Throughout, the language and phrasing are perfectly judged and innately musical. This is a poem which is satisfying on all levels and really does live on in the mind.”

Established in 2010, Poetry Space is a social enterprise, with all profits being used to widen participation in poetry and to empower people through creativity. Poetry Space is not just about writing poetry and getting published. It is about spending time doing something creative that you enjoy for its own sake. Or bringing joy into someone else’s life by sharing an activity with them.

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2 December 2019