Raymond Antrobus is the latest Review podcast interviewee

Ray Antrobus Review podcast Aug 2018“I have so many anecdotes and stories [about] how d/Deaf people are excluded from cultural events and how much harder they/we/I have had to work to access culture. I am trying to write into those disconnections and create new bridges,” says Raymond Antrobus, the latest interviewee in of The Poetry Review podcast series with editor Emily Berry.

The most recent winner of the Geoffrey Dearmer Prize for his poem ‘Sound Machine’, Raymond talks to Emily about his forthcoming debut collection The Perseverance, his work as a poet-teacher in d/Deaf and hearing schools, literacy, elegy and the influence of cinema on his work. Poems in The Perseverance challenge and rework the canon as part of a process he describes as “developing a language to explain myself”, of “writing through trauma and coming to different conclusions that I can apply to new bodies of work”. He gives powerful readings of the poems ‘Sound Machine’ and ‘After Reading Ted Hughes’s “Deaf School” by the Mississippi River’.

You can also read a full transcript of the interview with Raymond, which has been published as a Word document on the webpage for the issue.

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