Refugee Week 2020: Young Poets Network poetry challenge

Photo: Kawoon Khamoosh

15-22 June is Refugee Week 2020. To mark it, The Poetry Society’s Young Poets Network has launched a new poetry translation challenge in partnership with Modern Poetry in Translation.

Young people up to the age of 25 are invited to co-translate a poem by Suhrab Sirat, a poet, writer and journalist in exile from Balkh Province of Afghanistan, now based in the UK.

Sirat’s poem is in Persian, but translators don’t need to know Persian to take part in this challenge. The poet has offered a bridge translation in English as well as a number of notes, which young people are invited to adapt, co-creating a translation with Sirat himself. The poem is a ghazal and is tentatively titled ‘Wound-i-stan’, exploring the poet’s feelings about leaving his home.

Find out more about the challenge and enter here.

MPT editor Clare Pollard introduces the challenge and for the second year will be running a free poetry translation workshop for those aged 25 and younger. This time, the workshop will take place over Zoom, and is open to international writers too. Find out more on the challenge page.

17 June 2020