Rae Howells wins £1000 Rialto Nature Poetry Competition

Michael Longley has chosen Poetry Society Member Rae Howells as the winner of this year’s Rialto Nature Poetry Competition, with fellow Members also enjoying success with Jane Wheeler third and Sarah Wimbush and Linda France Highly Commended.

The longlist includes a murmuration of Poetry Society Members: Alesha Racine, Anna Selby (for three poems) Anthony Watts, Chris Rice, Christine Webb, David Clarke, Dom Bury (who won the National Poetry Competition this year), Gabriella Attems, Gill Learner, Ginny Saunders, Jane Burn, Jane Wheeler (again), Judith Shaw, Lydia Kennaway, Mark Haworth-Booth, Mary Woodward, Michael Sharp, Nicola Warwick, Pat Edwards, Patricia Helen Wooldridge (for two poems), Paul Stephenson (for two poems), Pippa Little, Ramona Herdman (the current holder of The Poetry Society’s Hamish Canham Prize), Veronica Aaronson, and Wendy Klein.

The results:

1st Prize £1000 Rae Howells for ‘The Winter-King’

2nd Prize £500 Mark Roper for ‘Owl’

3rd Prize Ty Newydd Course Jane Wheeler for ‘Lark’s Song for a Deserted Farmhouse’

Additional Prize A Walk with Mark Cocker, Susan Mobbs for ‘Mirabelles’

Additional Prize a Walk with Nick Davies, Alexandra Davis for ‘Old Lady Moth’

The Five Prize Winning Poems will be published in Issue 91 of The Rialto.

Michael’s list of Highly Commended poets:

‘Mother of the Sea’ by Eveline Pye

‘Second Law of Thermodynamics’ by Petra Regent

‘Portrait of a Poem with a Painting in it’ by Maitreyabandhu

‘Mainis’ by Katherine Duffy

‘The Bittern’ by Sarah Wimbrush

‘Teasel’ by Linda France

There will be a reading at Cambridge Conservation Initiative on June 14 with Michael Longley and the winning poets.

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1 May 2018