Segora Poetry Competition: winners are all Poetry Society Members

CONGRATULATIONS to Poetry Society Members Mary Gilonne, Sheila Aldous and Jenny Mitchell, top three in this year’s Segora Poetry Competition. First prize £300, second £50, Third £30, judged by Maggie Butt. Also on the  shortlist was fellow Member Tim Waller.

Maggie Butt: “Judging the Segora competition has been hard. Not just because of the number of entries, but because of their quality. Of all the competitions I’ve judged, this one seemed to have been entered mostly by practising poets, with real concern for their craft. Normally I would expect the greater number of entries to be by people who were not regularly reading and writing contemporary poetry, and could easily be weeded out for doggerel, archaisms, poetic inversions, hackneyed phrasing or approaches. This was not the case with Segora”

‘This Is A Story of What Will Happen’ by Mary Gilonne had arrested my attention from first reading, and stayed at the top of my pile… Each time I read it, I found more to admire.

In ‘Death on a Monday Afternoon’ by Sheila Aldous the plain-speaking of the title is sustained through an unflinching, and utterly beautiful poem about death – it ordinariness and extraordinariness…. A highly deserving second prize-winner.

My third prize-winner ‘Another Vision of the Goddess’ by Jenny Mitchell is a magic-realist telling of the whole horrifying history of slavery in just 38 unmissable lines. A tour de force.”

The Segora celebration weekend takes place 14/15 September in France. Maggie Butt will give a writers’ workshop, followed by readings of winning entries and adjudications.

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5 August 2019