Jenny Mitchell wins Segora Poetry Competition

Poetry Society Members finished first, second and third in this year’s Segora Poetry Competition, judged by Martyn Crucefix.

Jenny Mitchell was awarded first prize for ‘Encountering a Slave Girl Held’. Jenny was joint winner of the Geoff Stevens’ Memorial Poetry Prize 2019, and winner of the Fosseway Poetry Competition 2020. Her debut collection is Her Lost Language, Indigo Dreams

Martyn: “This poem stood out from my first reading of it. The title-as-first-line propels the reader into the poem at speed and the issue of slavery (ancient or modern?) immediately grabs attention as an important topic.”

Isabella Mead was second for ‘Rainy Season, Rwanda’. She won the 2019 Wells Festival of Literature Poetry Competition, judged by Simon Armitage.

Martyn: “What is so impressive in this poem is its restraint, its delicate handling of the issue (the genocide of perhaps a million Tutsi, Twa and Hutu people in Rwanda in 1994).”

Third place went to Lucy Crispin for ‘driving away’. Her micro-pamphlet wish you were here is available from Hedgehog Press who will publish her pamphlet shades of blue in August 2020.

Martyn: “The poem describes the transplanting of a growing, rooted plant and the emotional message is conveyed in the astonishing precision and accuracy of these descriptions.”

Congratulations too to Poetry Society Members Gary Bills and Vanessa Lampert (both Highly Commended), and Ruth Hanchett and Siobhan Ward (both Commended). As well as third prize, Lucy Crispin was also Commended for a second poem. The longlist included Poetry Society Members Brian Clark, Doreen Hinchliffe, Christopher M James and Mary Mulholland.

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4 August 2020