Poetry Society Members pick up Society of Authors awards

Congratulations to everyone who received a Society of Authors award this year, including a healthy number of Poetry Society Members.

Neil Rollinson and Inua Ellams each receive a Travelling Scholarship, enabling British creative writers to keep in touch with colleagues abroad.

Roseanne Watt receives a £4,000 Somerset Maugham Award for published work by writers under 30.

Roseanne Watt is ALSO a winner of £5,670 Eric Gregory Award for collection by poets under 30 – the list also includes Natalie Linh Bolderston who was third in the National Poetry Competition this year.

Linda France, winner of the National Poetry Competition in 2013, is a winner of the £2,100  Cholmondeley Award for a body of work by a poet.

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18 June 2020