Richard Westcott is the 2018 Stanza Competition winner!

We’re proud to announce that Richard Westcott of the North Devon Stanza is the winner of this year’s Stanza Competition for his poem ‘A Traditional Cure’. Penelope Shuttle said of Richard’s poem ‘There’s not a wasted word. The poem is direct, unambiguous, shocking.’

We received 384 poems on the theme of TRADITION from 232 poets for this year’s Stanza Poetry Competition, and each poet is a member of a Poetry Society Stanza. The poems were sent in anonymously and Penelope Shuttle, our judge, read every one. 

Our joint Runners-Up are:

  • ‘Landfall at daybreak’ by Helen Overell (Mole Valley) 
  • ‘The Cake Mixture’ by Leah Larwood (Suffolk)

Penelope has Commended ten other poems:

  • ‘Let’s Burn the Lot’ by Rob Miles (York)
  • ‘To bring me luck’ by Josephine Corcoran (Trowbridge)
  • ‘To Kill a Spider’ by Wendy Klein (Reading)
  • ‘Ariadne’s dandelions’ by Eleni Cay (Real Poets, Manchester)
  • ‘North of all countries’ by Julie Corbett (Hull)
  • ‘Appleland’ by Lesley Ingram (Herefordshire)
  • ‘against a wolf at the door’ by Helen Jayne Gunn (South Leicestershire)
  • ‘Trawlermen’ by Jennie Carr (Oxford 2)
  • ‘The Journey Home’ by Eleni Cay (Real Poets, Manchester) *2nd poem*
  • ‘Folklore from 35,000 Feet’ by Janet Lancaster (South Leicestershire)

Thank you so much to everyone who entered – may your ‘Tradition’ poems go on to prosper in magazines, competitions, anthologies and poetry collections!

Read all the poems on our Stanza Competition page

4 October 2018