Take the Sealey Challenge to read a poetry book a day

This August marks the fifth anniversary of The Sealey Challenge, set up by Nicole Sealey, to read a poetry book (or pamphlet) every day for the whole month. To support the challenge and encourage wider reading of poetry, The Poetry Society has asked poets, including contributors to The Poetry Review, to recommend texts for people to read each day.

The first recommendation is from poet Ellora Sutton, who has selected the pamphlet ‘Paisley’ (Emma Press, 2017) by Rakhshan Rizwan. Ellora said: “Paisley was the first pamphlet I ever read and it opened me to so many possibilities of what poetry can be, what words can be and do; language is not passive. Still, four years after reading it for the first time, I find images from Paisley coming to me, unbidden.”

The complete list of recommendations so far includes:

Ellora Sutton selected ‘Paisley’ by Rakhshan Rizwan (Emma Press, 2017)
Kathryhn Maris selected ‘The Years’ by Jamie McKendrick (Arc, 2020)
Mark Waldron selected ‘Life Cycle of a Bear’ by Steven Kleinman (Anhinga Press, 2021)
Lynn Davidson selected ‘Music for the Dead and Resurrected’ by Valzhyna Mort (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2020)
Andre Bagoo selected ‘Soho’ by Richard Scott (Faber, 2018)
Marianne Boruch selected ‘Kyrie’ by Ellen Bryant Voigt (W.W. Norton, 1995)
Stephanie Feeney selected ‘The Lamp with Wings’ by M. A. Vizsolyi (Harper Collins, 2020)
Alycia Pirmohamed selected ‘Hard Damage’ by Aria Aber (University of Nebraska Press, 2019)
Emily Bludworth de Barrios selected ‘Bad Bad’ by Chelsey Minnis (Fence Books, 2007)
Amlanjyoti Goswami selected ‘Advice for an Only Child’ by Anja Konig (Flipped Eye, 2014)
Gail McConnell selected Dawn Watson’s’The Stack of Owls is Getting Higher’ (Emma Press, 2019)
Kate Simpson selected ‘Plastiglomerate’ by Tim Cresswell (Penned in the Margins, 2020)
Will Stone selected ‘Coping Stones’ by Richie McCaffery (Fras Publications, 2021)
Vanessa Lampert selected ‘The Pair of Scissors That Could Cut Anything’ by Luke Samuel Yates (Rialto, 2013)
Amy Crutchfield selected ‘The Great Fires’ by Jack Gilbert (Knopf, 1994)
Marie Baléo selected ‘Fabulous Beast’ by Sarah Kain Gutowski (Texas Review Press, 2019)
Thomas Sleigh selected ‘Against Translation’ by Alan Shapiro (University of Chicago Press, 2019)
Petra White selected ‘Capacity’ by L K Holt (Vagabond Press, 2021)
Gerald Nikolai Smith selected ‘Recent Changes in Vernacular’ by Tony Hoagland (Tres Chicas Books, 2017)
Ruth McIlroy selected ‘Macular Hole’ by Catherine Wagner (Fence Books, 2004)
Chris Greenhalgh selected ‘Selected Poems’ by Frank O’Hara (e.g. Random House, 2009)
Beverley Bie Brahic selected Charles Boyle’s ‘The Disguise: Poems 1977-2001’ (Carcanet, 2021)
Ann Pelletier-Topping selected ‘My Darling from the Lions’ by Rachel Long (Picador, 2020)
Natalie Shaw selected ‘Hare Soup’ by Dorothy Molloy (Faber, 2004)
Dean Rader selected ‘California Fire & Water: A Climate Crisis Anthology’ (Story Street, 2020, ed. MollyFisk)
Mark Fiddes selected ‘The Great Animator’ by Roy Marshall (Shoestring Press, 2017)

Look out for more recommendations throughout August on The Poetry Society’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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August 2021