Linda Saunders wins Poetry Teignmouth competition

John Greening (judge), Linda Saunders and Scott Elder

The winner of the Teignmouth Poetry Prize is ‘Outside Chance’ by Poetry Society Member Linda Saunders. Judge John Greening said:

“This poet knows what E.M. Forster meant by ‘only connect’, juxtaposing different elements with immense care and clarity: the shoes, the shell, the glasses, the egg-cups, the elephants, they all process and are processed into a dignified courtly music before our eyes – but the poet allows time for a big philosophical question too. I hope you will agree that ‘Outside Chance’ – which should perhaps be retitled ‘The Favourite’ – well deserves the top prize.”

Second place went to ‘Cinderella and, by extension, all other stories’ by Tom Sastry. 

“There is no waste material here. The writer has learnt from poets as diverse as Ted Hughes and Penelope Shuttle how to do this kind of thing.”

And third place goes to Poetry Society Member Scott Elder for ‘Beyond the Tent’. 

I kept asking myself, can so simple a poem really trump all those other filigree flights of intellect and poetic ambition? It does, because it achieves what it sets out to do, brilliantly and subtly.”

Poetry Society Members on the shortlist were Jonathan Greenhause, Pamela Job, and Gill Learner.  

Second prize in the Local Competition went to Poetry Society Member Sheila Aldous for ‘The Shroud Maker Has a Change of Occupation’. Competition judge Julie-ann Rowell said:

“The language of this poem is expertly achieved, evoking the era so authentically, the drama and outrage of the treatment of these starving people is achieved without sentimentality.”

Edward Aldous, Sheila Aldous, Julie-ann Rowell (Judge) and Mark Cooper

Poetry Teignmouth’s aims are:
… to bring live poetry to Teignmouth and entice poets and potential poets to participate and to develop their skills
… to stimulate, encourage, nurture and support poetic writing and performance
… to broaden appreciation of poetry in the local community 
… to provide news of other poetry events around the local area and beyond

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27 June 2019