Graeme Ryan wins Teignmouth Poetry Competition

Joanna Lowry, Graeme Ryan, Pascale Petit (judge) and Sue Proffit

Many Poetry Society Members excelled in the Teignmouth Poetry Competition this year, with the winners announced at the Teignmouth Poetry Festival.

In the Open Competition, judged by Pascale Petit, Society Members Sue Proffitt and Joanna Lowry were placed second and third behind the winner Graeme Ryan. Included on the shortlist were Frances Corkey Thompson and Patricia Millner (for two poems).


“What a meticulously organised competition, and fascinating to read all the entries, some very local and some from far afield. The sea was a frequent presence. I love reading poems unaccompanied by their authors, just encountering the art. Trawling through them was like a treasure hunt, many adventures with words had along the way, through various and enthralling worlds. Thank you to all who entered and entrusted your poems into my hands. I am impressed and thrilled with the ten that were shortlisted.”

​The Local Competition, judged by Liz Diamond, was won by Poetry Society Member Marc Woodward, with a Commendation for fellow Member Sheila Aldous.

Marc Woodward, Liz Diamond (judge), Catherine Locke and Don Pearson


“Judging ‘Teignmouth Poetry Festival’s Local Competition’ wasn’t an easy task, although my short-listed poems made their presence felt easily on the first reading. I was looking for clarity of form and meaning, an emotional resonance, an instinct on behalf of the poet that what remained unsaid was as important as what was said. My final three prizewinning choices echo all three of these criteria.”

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18 May 2018