Teignmouth Poetry Festival shortlist

Teignmouth Poetry Festival 2019

Plenty of Poetry Society Members (highlighted below) on the shortlist for the 2019 Teignmouth Poetry Festival. Winners to be announced Saturday 23 March. This year’s Festival is 21 to 24 March and includes Brian Patten, Kim Moore, Fiona Benson, Martin Figura and Gill McEvoy.

Open Competition shortlist in alphabetical order – Judge John Greening

Mark Cooper – Since Eels do not Keep Diaries
Scott Elder – Beyond the Tent
Stephen Fisher – Cowslips
Jonathan Greenhause – Thanks a lot, Shakespeare, for the Starling
Pamela Job – Alone in Verona
Gill Learner – When the Music Stops
Tom Sastry – Cinderella and, by extension, all other stories
Linda Saunders – Outside Chance
Shae Spreafico – Snow
Howard Wright – A Wooden Box
John Greening says…  “I much enjoyed selecting the winners for this year’s competition. There were over 800, which is a lot of reading, but the best poems emerged quite quickly, and I was pleased when I could see a top three coming into view. I shall be talking in some detail about the process and my decisions when I present the prizes on 23 March. My only regret is that there could not be a top twenty, or thirty. There were many good poems that people won’t get to read this time, but the winners did need to be more than good, to offer that little extra something – in the music, or the line-breaks, the tone, even the subject matter. Above all, the language had to be surprising and interesting, without being overdone. Mind you, underdone poetry is so often lauded these days, it was reassuring to find so much that was well judged and appetizing. I look forward to meeting some of those who entered. And if you didn’t get shortlisted, I’m sorry – but do persevere. I don’t think anyone in Teignmouth (or elsewhere, for that matter) ever gave Mr Keats an award.”
Local Competition shortlist in alphabetical order – Judge Julie-ann Rowell

Edward Aldous – Pain Like a River
Sheila Aldous – The Shroud Maker Has a Change of Occupation
Mark Cooper – Chiaroscuro
Julie-ann Rowell  says… “It was a great pleasure and privilege to judge the 2019 local poetry competition. The standard of the poetry was very high making the judging process exciting and illuminating, with a wide and compelling range of subject matter from historical persona, to environmental issues, the refugee crisis, and the beauty and sustenance provided by the natural world. I’d like to congratulate the shortlisted and all who entered.”  ​

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5 March 2019