Jane Lovell wins Terrain.org 9th Annual Poetry Contest

L to R Jane Lovell & Lois P Jones

Judge Jane Hirshfield has chosen Poetry Society Member Jane Lovell as the winner of the Terrain.org 9th Annual Poetry Contest. Jane wins $500 and each finalist is awarded $100.

“These poems stood out for me for their word-choices—“cockled,” “tines,” “syphon”; for their depth of knowledge; for their ability to acknowledge how much cannot be known; and for the moral and ethical awareness so thoroughly in them. We live among and by the taken lives of other beings. Let us, at the very least, acknowledge the history and cost.”

The finalists in poetry are fellow Poetry Society Member Lois P. Jones and Mary B. Moore.

Terrain.org is a nonprofit magazine published online since 1998 that searches for the interface — the integration — among the built and natural environments that might be called the soul of place.

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26 February 2019