The poetry eye test

As part of The Poetry Society’s National Poetry Day celebrations behold a ‘Vision’-themed quiz, the ‘Poetry Eye Test’. Can you identify all ten bespectacled poets correctly?

To enter, email your ten answers to [email protected] with the subject line POETRY EYE TEST by 10am Monday 5 October to win one of three copies of the new Places of Poetry anthology published by Oneworld. Winners will be selected from those with the most correct answers. If there are more than three entrants who correctly answer all the questions, winners will be selected at random. Good luck!

Extract round

Name the bespectacled poets who wrote these lines (clue: poet no.4 features in the Places of Poetry anthology)


“Only at night, sometimes
when no one will see, I go outside to watch
the birds’ black shapes move against the sky”


“Did I like designer frames? I did.
And thin and anti-glare and non-reflective?
Right he said That’s seven hundred quid.”


“I cannot rise I can’t be phased
square eyes are the latest craze
twice their size double glazed”


“His waywiser beside his bench
   around his metalled hat
his secret tale’s picked out in braille
   and what it says is that …”

Picture round

Name the bespectacled poets in each picture




Audio round

Name the (usually) bespectacled poets reading in the audio clips