“speaking back to history”: TIDEfest weekend 31 July/1 Aug 2021

still from ‘Stoneware Dish’, an animation by Aindri C, with poem and voice from Sarah Howe

The Poetry Society has collaborated with Oxford University to create new film poems which will be premiered at TIDEfest, a free online cultural festival being held on the weekend of 31 July and 1 August.  TIDEfest is run by the TIDE (Travel, Transculturality and Identity in England, 1550–1700) project.

Over the course of the festival weekend, TIDEfest will feature a virtual programme of talks and discussions from award-winning poets, authors and creative practitioners, probing issues such as museum curation and collaboration, early modern reimaginings, and teaching migration and empire in schools.

The films, developed by The Poetry Society, have been directed by Helmie Stil (founder of poetrycinema) and Aindri C, and feature poems by Sarah Howe and Fred D’Aguiar.

There are two free events featuring both poets as part of the festival.  An online workshop led by Sarah Howe and Fred D’Aguiar explores how creative writing can spark different ways of thinking about historical objects and the people who made, used, and carried them on Saturday 31 July at 5pm BST (more details and book here). There is also a closing event to the festival with poetry and discussion features Sarah Howe and Fred D’Aguiar alongside TIDE’s director Nandini Das, chaired by Sandeep Parmar that will feature a screening of the film poems on Sunday 1 August at 7.30pm BST (more details and book here).

TIDEfest is free to attend, although attendees are warmly encouraged to donate to the Society of Renaissance Studies. The SRS supports scholarly activity at all stages by providing annual postdoctoral fellowships, conference support, public engagement awards, doctoral scholarships and support for students at MA level. For more information and to donate, please visit https://www.rensoc.org.uk/donate-to-the-srs/. For more information on TIDE, visit http://www.tideproject.uk/ . TIDE is based at the University of Oxford. Follow the festival on Twitter @ERC_TIDE.

See the full festival programme here

30 July 2021