Amy Acre wins Verve Poetry Festival competition

The winners of the 2019 Verve Poetry Festival competition, on the theme of ‘community’, have been chosen by judge Joelle Taylor. The three winning poets will appear at the festival and will read alongside the 21 other commended poets and 6 others who have been commissioned for the anthology by Verve.

First place goes to ‘Every Girl Knows’ By Amy Acre. Joelle: “My favourite poems are the ones in which the pen nib becomes a camera lens, and this piece pulled me straight into the film. A spectacular piece of work from a spectacular poet.”

Second place goes to Poetry Society Member Jack Emsden for  ‘Relationality’. Joelle: “My favourite lines from it are ‘I repurposed the sea as a screen saver’, and ‘houses as empty as January’. I keep re-reading it to remind me how to write.”

Third place goes to The Poetry Society’s very own Oliver Fox for ‘Mindfulness Begins’. Joelle: “A wry humour forms the spine of the poem, replete with pop cultural references and hack physics to remind us of what is lost – how the mysteries of music are now ‘atoms shaking off their excess’.”

21 poets were commended including Poetry Society Members Christopher Blewitt, Jane Burn, Tamsin Cottis, SK Grout, Stephen Lightbown, Carlton Rose, and Jay Whittaker.

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18 December 2018