Victoria Gatehouse wins PENfro Poetry Competition

Victoria Gatehouse
Victoria Gatehouse

Poetry Society Member Victoria Gatehouse is this year’s winner of the PENfro Poetry Competition, for her poem ‘Medusa Cuts Off Her Snakes’. 

Second place went to Roger Elkin and third place to Poetry Society Member Sally Douglas for ‘Fable #8: Hare Contemplates God’. All three poets had second poems on the shortlist, which also included Poetry Society Members Janet Lees, Jane Lovell and Mary Jane Holmes.  

Judge Susan Richardson said of the winning poem:

“I found myself being consistently pulled back to this poem throughout the judging process. Many entries attempted to shoehorn a myth’s entire narrative into forty lines, while those that tended to be most successful focused on a single incident and/or approached the myth from an entirely fresh angle, as is the case with this expertly structured poem. I admire its sinuous shape on the page, the periodic use of monosyllables and sibilants to create a sense of threat and discomfort and, most notably, the poet’s poise and assuredness as far as the pace of the poem – and the placement of pauses – is concerned.”

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4 December 2018