Tina Cole wins Welshpool Poetry Competition

Tina Cole

Tina Cole is the winner of this year’s Welshpool Poetry Competition as judged by Liz Berry. Poetry Society Members Helen Kay and Kathryn Bevis were second and third, with fellow Society Members Jane Burn, Estelle Price, Paul Waring and Kate Wise among the Commendations.

This year’s winning poems are:

  1. ‘Makeover’ by Tina Cole
  2. ‘Hen Coop’ by Helen Kay
  3. ‘Calling’ by Kathryn Bevis

The following poets were commended by our judge Liz Berry: Jeff Phelps, Annette Isles, Jane Burn, Estelle Price, Paul Waring, Steve Harrison and Kate Wise.

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27 June 2019