Laura Mucha wins the first YorkMix Poems for Children Competition

LtoR Carole Bromley (judge) Laura Mucha (winner), Sarah Ziman, Richard Carpenter

Laura Mucha has won the inaugural YorkMix Poems for Children Competition for her poem ‘Rapunzel’ [And sweet Rapunzel’s golden curls / would slowly tumble and unfurl / allowing Witch to clamber up / (occasionally getting stuck).]

The judge was Carole Bromley: “a superb, funny, original retelling of the fairy-tale. I was delighted to find it was by Laura Mucha, a brilliant children’s poet and writer whose first children’s collection will be published by Otter-Barry Books.”

Poetry Society Member Richard Carpenter was second for ‘A Diplodocus Thumbs A Lift After Being Retired From The Natural History Museum’: “that rare thing, a shape poem which is not only inventive and clever but also an excellent poem in its own right.”

Fellow Poetry Society Members Janet Dean (‘Catcall’), Michael Shann (‘Ice-cream for breakfast’), and Kate Wakeling (‘The School for Ghouls’) were Highly Commended; Society Members Jane Burn (‘Bogie Toad’), Jeremy Grant (‘Wonderland’), Shauna Darling Robertson (‘Centuries of Questionable Kings’), and Miles Salter (‘Grandad’s Going Fishing’) were Commended.


“It felt like a very big responsibility! I couldn’t just think, Is this by someone really good, maybe someone I’ve met or heard of? I just had to stay calm and decide if I liked it, or, rather, if I thought a child would like it. If I was unsure I would show it to a child (I have thirteen grandchildren so no shortage of second opinions) before I made up my mind.”

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22 August 2019