A Positively Violent Poem in Five Parts

Jayant Kashyap

Contains strong language


           That day we ruined the swimming pool

everyone was a hypocrite          and angry

                               we pulled out the tiles with bare hands          and nails

           our knuckles bled quietly into tattoos when
we couldn’t notice          that day we planted eighty-
four trees          one for everyone present there

                     because later the trees could oxygenate          water

           whereas the pipes were pvc          and so the chairs          and there
was no time for decomposition          or conversations

           that day we ruined the swimming pool          we didn’t
really ruin it          only when we left     it wasn’t so blue anymore

           a bit dry          a little muddy          that day we left it like nature


           We then broke sinks and showers during the night

and placed flowerpots everywhere we could          it was
like readying a graveyard for flowers          before there were any

            like there are instances when rivers part from land
and all one could do is wait          and on a wall     graffitied

           the dead have no use for flowers          but this truth is offensive
and unnecessary

          we tell them          plant little flowering shrubs
in their name every once in a while          the shrubs equal water

                    oxygen          love


           Next morning we were met by a racket of people

wanting to talk          discuss          having a mind to argue

                    swear for generations          fuck!          prepared to fight

          kill someone          saying          son it doesn’t matter who
or whatyou are          money is god          so we threw five-pound
notes in water          see if god couldn’t dissolve


          And that evening we cleaned the beach

there were more people with us now          than against

          we noticed the beach had more plastics and whatnot
and not shells          even the castles the kids built near water
weren’t pure sand anymore

          sometimes the bottlecaps serve as lighthouse roofs

          sometimes the straws as flag posts          as catheters
for turtles


          On the third day we then advocated

the use of cups          mugs          tumblers          bottles          jugs

          buckets          tanks          even larger containers


          then animal lives          a whale doesn’t bother about capitalism

          racism          but it worries about water          what we do with it
when it’s not ours to have

          we distributed in the midst of light disdain leaflets          basically
small chits          reading          a head full of plastics is of no use to