A Stag Beetle Lectures on the Futility of Flight

Listen, you wet-behind-antennae crawlers,
I’ve flown, I know – it isn’t worth the cost.
We’re big, we’re heavy, armour-plated. Hauling
all that bulk up in the air – you’ve lost
your energy – you could be forced down where
you can’t take off again, long grass for instance,
or even worse, hard concrete where some passing
giant torments you.
                                                   Okay. Any questions?
Dispersal? Where to? Here’s the only oak
around. – To show your strength? Don’t make me laugh.
We lock antlers on the ground – you’re weak
from flying, you’re soon on your back. Don’t ask
me what your wings are for, just keep them folded.
You’ve got to try? Don’t say I haven’t told you.