a united solution

Renée Orleans-Lindsay

the solution isn’t ‘go green’.
rather, it’s quite a marshy brown;
all the colours on the spectrum thrust together,
pulled into braided harmony.

might the sagging glaciers of the himalayas, dribbling into the yangtze and the indus,
be nourished with kitschy korean neoprene?
those gutsy, ebullient women divers; grasping cold abalone.

the waning coral reefs
crumbling into chroma before your eyes –
your child’s eyes
might they be galvanised by ghanaian manganese,
buzzing phone-chip’s life and breath?

it’s coalition we need; london’s taxis fuelling lima’s arid faucets,
china’s offal coursing through phones rather than waters,
tit-for-tat, recycling, redistribution –
and if everyone made some contribution
today’s teetering future might be solid, stuck

here’s a prayer for humanity and good luck.