Glyn Maxwell

He seized the day and shook it as it passed.
And so it passed and so he seized the night
and as he shook it cried I seized the night!
          and so it passed.

He took an ancient play and moved the pieces
here and there until he’d made a play
about a man who took an ancient play
          and moved the pieces.

It was his year, it was to be the year
it all took off, he had a brilliant spring
and wrote all summer of the brilliant spring
          he had that year.

A song was playing which would always now
remind him of those days, when it came on
tonight he said it used to, whack it on
          it doesn’t now.

I love it though, he said when it was done.
I always will and all the stars looked down
as they’ll be doing when you set this down
          and that’s that done.