Divorce Proceedings

Nadia Lines

Coal, we need to talk.
Look, this is not your fault
But Industry was a long time ago
And I know you were excited for our 250th anniversary
Honestly, it’s not you, it’s me
I just need my space
This relationship has been so fast paced
Remember our first date, and I had all those cheesy pick up lines like:
Are you a cheap, reliable, easily accessible energy source needed to compete with a growing, global market? Because, I could mine you intensively…
And here’s a classic:
Were you forged at the birth of the universe? Because you’re a star…

But those days are passed
And frankly, with the age gap between us, it just wasn’t going to last
And I know you’re still angry with me about cheating on you with nuclear energy
But when we’re talking about efficiency, productivity and longevity
You were just not up to the task.

Before I go, you should know, I’m seeing other power sources
Solar energy has been texting me and I’m going for coffee with hydroelectricity
I guess I’m just now into sustainability

I’m not saying it’s the end
And we can still be friends but
It’s time for us both to move on
I’ve been dragging out this relationship for far too long
I really should have let you go when I found out about this climate change fiasco
But it was just so easy to use and abuse you
I guess I wasn’t thinking about my responsibility towards you
And you get most of the blame and that’s not fair as the biggest share of shame should be mine
We’re just running out of time