Don’t Go With The Flow, Make The Flow Go With You

by Evie Ioannidi

We closed our books and
Returned the borrowed time.
We left no forwarding address
And hid our bridges
Under moss and fallen branches
Because we didn’t want
To burn them.

We settled in clearings
Where the trees bore clay fruit
And the sky changed colour
In the middle
Where the paint had run out.
And everything was so
Obviously fake
But at the same time it wasn’t
Because that was where we lived.

And at night we would
Turn on the moon
If we wanted a glass of water
Or to go to the bathroom.
And in the morning
We would wind up the birds.
We lived as if the things which
Should have been
Were already said and done.

The only things we feared
Were nosebleeds from
Falling off the
Polystyrene clouds
And waking up one morning
More mature.