erased with a bunch of feathers

Charmayne Board

happy chance / reopened / the full meaning / the sweetest and subtlest technique / aesthetically less / satisfying, but / true / the brushstroke is immediately absorbed / by mistakes, / mistakes / boldly linger / slow and slovely / words which read like a lament, / humiliated by / every detail of their work / tough coarse / uneven / arriccio, scratching / red paint / "beaten" against the wall / vertical and horizontal / divisions correcting / erased with a bunch of feathers / retraced / preparatory / drawings / come to light again / detached / rapid, summary execution - /the only drawings that survive / the composition / exposed to public view. (The words from this erasure poem appear where sections of a Renaissance painting are cut out. On the left hand side a woman with a halo around her head (possibly Mary) looks at us with half-closed eyes. On the right hand side of the page, this image is upside down and darker.)