I, Bee

Karen Jane Cannon

Thank you for purchasing your digi-bee pack
with additional Smart Hive pod. Soon you will have
the very best honey

The queen has been fully digitalised and 3D modelled
to 2.5cm (standard) or 3.5cm (super)
and comprises an Intel Core microprocessor
The operatives sweep the locale on pre-mapped routes
For most efficient battery use, recharge after 10km

You can remotely influence the direction
of the operatives or pre-map a specific area
via ordnance input on the free downloadable app

The digi-bees will not react
to most adverse weather conditions and are manufactured
to our high specification from fully waterproof silicone

All our digi-bees are fitted with Track & Trace technology

If a digi-bee malfunctions, plug a sugar lead into the mains
Upon rebooting, it will regain functionality
Do not use non compatible chargers
for risk of cross-viral contamination

Operating instructions
All our digi-bee products are pesticide friendly

2-speed, pollinator/gatherer settings
The default setting is silent
but you can choose traditional ‘teeing’
plus ten national anthems, a jazz quartet, fighter jets
or other fun settings
located on the accompanying handheld console

Simply choose a ‘wild’ or ‘garden’ mode to decide your favoured
honey – specify the habitat – heath, mountain, forest or bog
and choose the appropriate season to optimise your honey
production via Wi-Fi connectivity

Precautions – if electric storms are forecast, please be aware
your digi-bees may malfunction, in rare cases interfering
with navigation. We suggest you lock down the Smart Hive
to prevent swarming. However, if swarming occurs
this product will self-navigate to a nearby tree or hedge
Upon locating simply remove the queen’s battery
The operatives should automatically go into sleep mode
after 30 seconds allowing easy retrieval.