i want the words

by Jessica Mayhew

I want the words to gulp me like a
Fine wine:
Drink me drunk and dumb, numb;
Sink me sunk.

I want the words
To carry me like the sea,
Buzz me like a bee
Help me flee for an hour or two, or three…

I want the words
To take me out of body, out of mind
A guide, not of the spiritual kind.
Leave me like a toy wound-up, to unwind.

I want the words
To worm their way away
Weave their way astray,
They’ve had their play, had their say.

I want the words
To read me like a book
Write me, take a look
At my blurb; the pseudonym that I took

I want the words
To swallow me whole, even the shell,
Engulf me like a white-blood cell
Dissolve me like an enzyme: well.

I want the words
To have me as I am,
Love me how they can.
Time me from one to twelve.
Word me as words word themselves.