Irma Kiss Barath

 7 (1) Where He suffers loss of hearing of non-traumatic origin, but arising out of and in the course of employment under the ship (the rattling engine), This is a greater loss than I can understand. Greater than the minima in Schedule D, so [Papa] is entitled to compensation under this Part of the text. I (baby) sometimes see the ship, including but not limited to: the oil, the hull, the pistons — all solid. These regular parts are equally present in [Papa]’s body, Something about life sticking to the skeleton. (3.1) The Board may make regulations to amend Schedule D in respect of a. the ranges of hearing loss, e.g. at a festive dinner with paper decorations, the fireplace full but quiet. Disability (a multi-party arrangement) can truly be this soft. b. the percentages of disability, and [Papa]’s prolonged exposure to bulls*** is not restricted to the workplace. Prior to this continent He was once a boy, shoes too small and full of holes. c. the methods or frequencies to be used to measure hearing loss. Prior to compensation, the senses must be bloated: clauses multiplying like cells. Here, the text lectures warmly for years into the future. will He still hear ______________ ? (“member of family”) (6) An application for compensation under this section must be accompanied by a specialist's report and audiogram or by other evidence of injury (i.e. concerning the domicile: at dinnertime Us girls love to take the p*** Oh yes, we mouth words to Him across the table: that today a classmate said Why the f*** can’t poor people stay out of our schools. Why Exactly.)