Message Not Received

Olivia Wherry

Content warning: suicide; contains strong language

Hi Mum,

I spoke to Miss Fitz today.
Said I should send you a ‘letter’
just in case it makes me feel better.

It won’t.

It’s currently 32 degrees outside, but I’m in my room trying to hide. The sun pours into the empty room, which might as well just be my tomb. Clothes scattered all across the floor, and the creaking hinges of the door.

When you aren’t home everything goes to shit, I miss you more than you could know. If you were here, you’d have a go, but here I am watching a rerun of the same show.

I’m cracking.

Overwhelming static invades my ears, makes my head hurt. It’s all cloudy, fuzzy, drowning in my thoughts…

It’s quiet once I’ve escaped the crazy maze inside my mind. Mum, you left me. I could cry. But now this is goodbye.

Phone number invalid. Message not received.