One vegan future (good/bad)

Hugh Smith

the poem doesn’t have to be interesting, certainly, but
it can be, if you want it to be. There is always going to be a market for ‘interesting poems’ whereas
the market for ‘not interesting poems’ is generally less dependable
though it is characterised by sudden bursts of
enthusiasm: disinterest is a far wilder and more passionate affair than ‘interest’ (obviously) but ‘knowingly writing uninteresting poems’ is still not
anything like a career path. I mean, writing poems is bad enough,
why not write good ones about
herding animals, haven’t you ever seen an animal, didn’t you once (slightly) think about
what it might be like to herd, to gather
or even objects like mushrooms, I’ve seen that go down well,
seen a whole room numbed to silence
by the idea of gathering, ‘bringing together’
disparate natural objects
but I also have the feeling that that’s sort of being taken care of, mostly, that the ‘real work’
consists in travelling down the avenue of ‘not interesting’
to its absolute terminal point
the halfway point between ‘would you like a glass of water or’ or ‘did i write that email or you or’,
modern speech always ends in or
in reference to the eternal, unspecified option, to just ‘not’
to just ‘absolutely not’
or is a retraction of or not
most of the time
but other times it’s a bit more Kierkegaardian, a bit more exciting maybe like
should I get on this train or that train or just lie down on the tracks
wait for the two trains to explode
over my body
in the photogenic light which destructive actions/events tend to give off though only for a short distance
you have to get close, right up in the ‘inner darkness’, only then will its light
show your face for what it really is:
a face! Otherwise it’s just a mood swing on a trampoline
and years ago
and not really though
since wasn’t it something else that we both meant to say,
didn’t we know how to end it before we began, wasn’t that why we began
no, they both answered, the sunlight filtering through their eyes like yes
that’s what an eye is and who are we right now
language or dogs or the whole place fenced off,
the whole world fenced off just so we could sit here a second and relax, relax, I mean it