By Amaury Wonderling

Commended, National Poetry Competition 2018

the leaves crispy like bacon my yellow wellies all drooly because I once danced too close to the campfire poplar     poplar      oak pushpins holding the world poplar sweet chestnut Nick spots a creepy face in the bark broken t                                                                                                    r                                                                                                 e                                                                                         e up you […]

parallel of a dead oak

By Natalie Perman

Commended, Tree challenge

a tree dissevered dissevered a tree                                                roots worms                                                                          clear in green water  a deified root                                                     deified worms                                                                          a tree dissevered                                                                           translucent in green water a tree painted                                                    the reflection of hollow                                                              the landscape of woods holds its own […]