Rules of Survival for the Girl as White as Snow

By Divya Mehrish

Commended, August Challenge #2: Fairy Tale Poetry

Don’t let your widowed father remarry—              that is, if you still want to wake up at dawn to the sound of your heart beating between              your ribs. Remember: stepmothers are evil and vain and bloodthirsty and own talking              magic mirrors capable of making calculated analyses of your beauty. Remember: all              that […]

De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da

By Sue Spiers

Commended, 2020 Poetry Society Stanza Competition

Stook griiind, stook griiind:                                   the pulse extends waves to thrust air                                   down her throat into wizened lungs.                                   Her brain sucks oxygen for its miserly self                                   storing it for her last memory of                                   Shang-A-Lang. It robs muscle                                   so she is still, it thieves liver                                   so she pees brown, it purloins kidneys                                   so toxins thrive. Her mobile […]