Caleb Klaces

I turned the corner and spied a nice shell.
I clamped onto the arm, pulled out the
body and crawled in. I heard the sea
inside. I crawled along the beach. It
was light and the shell was cracked.
I went under a rock. I went under a rock.
I went under a rock. I swapped vehicle
for an empty shell. In the shell the salt
made me feel odd. The dark seaweed
crackled. The air was empty and
confusing. It was as though it was
the wrong instrument. It might have
been another storm. The guy from
before was crawling around a pool.
I crawled away from the dark seaweed.
I crawled around the pool. I was
crawling around the pool but then I
headed for the warm water bubbling
out of the pipe. The horizon in the
warm water was further than I thought.
I crawled for a while. I felt odd with
no crackling. I set down the shell.
The shell’s shape is truly excellent.
I found a pair of ants on someone else
so that I could listen to them while I
looked around the warm water. I
crawled along the sand to the edge of
the bubbling water. I crawled around
the bubbling water. I turned in the other
direction. It was the same. But the
original direction was better. I span
in that direction. The sun was going
down. There was a nice shell but I
did not get it. I thought that in the
warm water I would see something else.
There was darkness coming through.
I drew warm sand over my back. The
ants were gone. I threw aside a pebble
and climbed down. The music in the
tunnel was like water dripping on water.
There was so much darkness. I crawled
through the tunnel. I crawled through
the tunnel. I crawled through and then
it was too dark and then I went on.