The Farrier

by Frances Truscott

“If you keep a horse right it don’t need shoeing,
dry, outdoors, fed natural like,
not too much weight on it
so there is good muscle and bone;
that’s a secret no one will say,
not out loud anyway,
but a hobby horse kept stalled
or not mucked out proper
so it stands in bad straw,
then you need me,
all my shavings, bendings,
calks and rims.
You got to get the weight and the shape just right,
hot shoeing a horse,
it’s not one size fits all.
My son’s in a different trade
but a kind of Farrier all the same;
he is a Social Worker in the city,
finds foster homes for kids in care.
No, if you keep a horse right,
it don’t need shoeing.”